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Lickide Split Car Cleanup & Detailing, Inc. was started in 1986 by Roger Wilkes.
We offer the following services....

    * Car Detailing Services
    * Auto Upholstery Repair
    * Snow Removal Services

We offer free pickup & delivery service within the Sioux Falls, South Dakota Metro area.



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Phone (605)334-5060

Let Lickide Split clean up your car before going on vacation!

Giving the family chariot a thorough cleaning inside and out is not just a good way to protect your investment, but it’ll make the car a nicer place to be on those long drives to vacation spots. Call us today at (605)334-5060 to make an appointment to get your vehicle ready for the family summer vacation trip!

Happy Thanksgiving!

May God bless you and your Family and Have a Safe Happy Holiday Season!!!! ROGER, TAMI & JACK WILKES and STAFF

Happy Holidays from everyone at Lickide Split!!!

Wet, sloppy winter weather is here! We need the moisture but you don't need to worry about cleaning your car--that is what Lickide Split Car Cleanup is for! Call or email us today and get your car cleaned up in time for Christmas!

Do you have someone that is really hard to buy a gift for? Get them a gift card from Lickide Split!Give us a call today at (605)334-5060. Ask for Roger....and tell him you need to get some Gift Cards purchased ASAP! He will even deliver them to you if needed!

May God bless you and your Family and Have a Safe Happy Holiday Season!!!! ROGER, TAMI & JACK WILKES and STAFF

Hello Summer!!!

We made it thru another terrible winter--but where did spring go? Here at Lickide Split we want to thank all of our loyal customers for your continued support! 

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Road Construction time again!

It is that time again--Summer? no...Road Construction Time! It seems that every street in Sioux Falls is being worked on. And with road work comes dirty roads and dirty cars! You may not be able to do anything about the traffic issues and dirty roads but you can do something about your dirty car! Give us a call today to set up an appointment to get your car cleaned up! Call Roger today at Lickide Split Car Cleanup. Our number is (605)334-5060. We will even pick up and deliver your car to you!

Road Construction

The groundhog was wrong.....

Even though we have not had what we would call a "hard winter" we are still ready for the nice warm spring sun. The streets are dirty, cars are dirty, and people are getting ready for Easter. That is where Lickide Split Car Cleanup comes into the picture. We offer free pickup and delivery in the Sioux Falls area. We will wash, wax, detail, shampoo your carpets--what ever you want done to get your car back to the way it looked before ole' man winter showed up! Give us a call today at (605)334-5060 or email us to set up a time for us to make your car shine like new!

Happy Easter from Lickide Split!!!!

Wash Me! Why your car needs our help!

Why you should have Lickide Split detail your vehicle....

Let's start with the financial rewards. In today's environment, on the best of days, our cars are subjected to sun, salt from the sea, road grease, dead bugs, bird poop and smog. On bad days, our cars are subjected to salt from snow trucks, acid rain, tree sap, road slush and mud. Have you seen the streets in Sioux Falls? Lots of grime on them right now!

Any one of these elements can eat away at a car's metal, chrome and paint. Corrosion will occur and rust will appear under the carriage, in wheel wells, even in parts under the hood. It may not be noticeable right away, but over time it will degrade your car, diminishing its resale value. When it comes time to sell or trade you'll be quite disappointed at how little your car is worth and how much you've lost financially. By having your car washed monthly, not only do you protect your investment and save money, you also ensure your continued freedom to go anywhere and do anything, not to mention your personal safety and security while on the road.

Treat your car the way you want it to treat you. Call Roger Wilkes today at Lickide Split Car Cleanup in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Our phone number is (605)334-5060.  We offer free pickup and delivery service in Sioux Falls. 

Is Winter here yet?

Last December started cold, and thoughts of a long winter crossed many minds, but as we know the temperatures warmed and much of the snow stayed away.

While the snow has also stayed away so far, the beginning of this December is a lot different than the beginning of last December.

The first week of December this year will be well above average.  Using the forecast highs, Sioux Falls will have an average high of 51 degrees.  That's well above the average high of 32 degrees for the first seven days of the month.

Last December was just the opposite.  The first seven days of last December were cold with an average high of 30 degrees, two degrees below the climatic average.

Our warm stretch of weather will soon come to an end as much colder air is on the way.  Get prepared for below average temperatures next week.

It is hard to keep your vehicle looking great when it is cold out. Give  Lickide Split Car Cleanup a call to schedule your next car detail.

And don't forget we also do snow removal! Call (605)334-5060 today!